As we welcome the New Year 2017, we wish to formally announce an important change at the International Youth Action Against Terrorism. As of January 9th, 2017, Common Ground Centre is the new trustee responsible for overseeing that the International Youth Action Against Terrorism trust fund maintains its duties as laid out in the trust documents and applicable law. The name change is a result of an extensive re-branding effort that commenced in August 2016 designed to mirror the success and transformation of our organization.

The name Common Ground Centre conveys the combination of our current focus on violent extremism with the larger purview of conflict resolution, public diplomacy and knowledge management. Over the past year, our organization has evolved amidst a dynamic, ever-changing environment which required internal changes from now and then, structural recast and changes in strategies and approach. During that time, we have experienced organizational ups and downs allowing us to further develop invaluable new capabilities across all spectrums of our focus, while continuing to embrace a context-centric approach in our operations.

Common Ground Centre brings forth an expanded commitment to all of our relationships. In the spirit of re-branding, we will continue to bridge new gaps while simultaneously expanding our resources and capabilities across the field of conflict resolution and public diplomacy.

Thank you for the support throughout the journey!



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