The scene for the journal is set by the article, ―Violent Extremism and Youth Recruitment”: Bangladesh Perspective‖. This article deals with the complexity of violent extremism and the recruitment of the youth of Bangladesh. The article titled, ―Education and Youth Involvement in Violent Extremism in Africa: An Analysis of Youth Participation in Boko Haram Activities in Nigeria‖, builds on the theme of the youth and violent extremism by making use of Boko Haram as a case study.

An understanding and an alternative perspective of the narrative of the youth and violent extremism is built upon by the article titled, ―Role of Youth in Crowd Management Education in the Wake of Terrorism – A Countering Violent Extremism Approach‖. This article is followed by an opinion piece, ―Remedies for countering violent extremists: An overview‖, and provides an overview of the complexity of countering violent extremism and focuses on the generalization of groups, political participation, and arms control. The second last article, ―Countering Violent Extremism Through Women in Kenya‖, brings an alternative aspect to the violent extremism discussion of this journal in that the author links extremism and gender, and the countering of these acts through gender. The last article in this issue, ―Thorns and Roses: The Motivations Behind Female Suicide Bombers‖, provides an in-depth discussion of female agency within violent extremism through using case studies.
We would like to thank Shoeb Ahmed, Seun Adebayo, Ehagi Hyuga, G.Shakthi Prashanth, Gatobu Caroline, and Mishka Khan, for the submission of your thought provoking articles and your patience throughout the review process. The publication II of this journal was made possible through your articles.

We hope to continue and expand this journal as a platform for authors to publish their work, your contribution made this goal possible, thank you!





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