Who we are

Common Ground Centre is an independent research and outreach institute with particular focus on the development of context-based functional responses to the different forms of challenges of reciprocal conflicts, violent extremism and public diplomacy.

The CGC team has extensive knowledge and experience from a wide range of countries in the Middle and Near East, North Africa and East Africa where we have previously worked with higher learning institutions, foreign diplomatic missions, government ministries and agencies in diverse calls for creative responses. Within these working environments, the CGC team demonstrated the ability to focus on drawing attention to the importance of diversity and establishing common intercultural/inter-religious linkage points as a starting point for collaborative action.

International Youth Action Against Terrorism

The International Youth Action Against Terrorism (IYAAT) is a registered charitable trust fund in Kenya working on bringing the issue of youth action in counter-terrorism efforts amongst the masses. In this context, the term ‘youth’ is used to denote University/College Students being the basis of our focus.

Common Ground Centre is the current trustee responsible for overseeing that the International Youth Action Against Terrorism trust fund maintains its duties as laid out in the trust documents and applicable law.