The Earnest Fellowship on Human Rights Protection (EFHR) program affords participants a virtual think-tank for advanced analysis and studies of vital aspects of International Human Rights Law and protection practice, through a multidisciplinary and integrated approach, which enables participants a practical and real world approach to tackling some of the world’s most pressing Human Rights problems.

The 3-month EFHR program is run by the International Law department of the Common Ground Centre and comprises a series of capacity building webinars and e-fellowship program modules, delivered by guest professionals and alumni fellows, addressing current global challenges, which fall within the broad spectrum of International Human Rights Law and protection.


This fellowship program aims to offer an interactive and structured learning experience in an International multidisciplinary setting, which would stimulate academic discourse on ongoing International Human Rights Law and protection issues, and develop the competency of young professionals to effectively address these issues, utilizing a variety of delivery methodologies, such as top-down lectures, participant-led sessions, and simulations to create innovative and viable solutions to contemporary Human Rights challenges.