The fulfillment of sustainable development goals will require strong foresight units. Now that the sustainable goals have been established, countries will determine how to achieve them. Strategic foresight will thus become a higher priority. Countries that start first will be better positioned.

The decline of traditional planning is a consequence of relying excessively on current existing mechanisms to adjust to uncertainties. Prospective studies could help solve this weakness. While institutions in developed countries–governments, legislatures, corporations, universities, and think-tanks–have increased their capacity to explore scenarios, developing countries, have only recently dedicated efforts to preparing long-term reports.

Common Ground Centre has dedicated its team efforts to long running gainsight program activities meant to maintain our grasp of the different forms of challenges of reciprocal conflicts, violent extremism and public diplomacy.


The CVE Youth Blast is an annual review in a choice country of the existing/running CVE programs, projects and initiatives taken during the year and to draw lessons from them for the following year. This review commences in February and is concluded in September, with the report being released in November following an October event under the same title.

CGC’s work in this area is being undertaken within the framework of its ongoing efforts to understand the driving factors of university/college students to radicalization, and support country implementation CVE initiatives of target to university/college students.


As the efforts to develop objective measures of impact continues in the field of peace and security, there remains great value in listening and gathering of perspectives of divergent contexts. The Pacifist Virtual Exchange program is a series of technology-based, sustained, peer-to-peer engagement program targeting youths from select regions around the world in a bid to gain a deeper understanding of diverse contexts and experiences with peace and security in the 21st Century.

Running on a platform of public diplomacy, this program purses the transformative potential of new technologies. Emergent peace and security interventions targeting the next generation will have to address major global challenges, practically all of which require multi-lateral and cross-cultural cooperation.

Run under the Research and Publications team, the CGC Virtual Exchanges main objective is improving and developing the network of youth participants’ new key competencies to analyze international conflicts, understand broadly as anything from:

  • Separatism;
  • Violent Extremism;
  • Civil conflicts;
  • Post-conflict reconstruction;
  • International controversies;
  • Status Rivalry; to
  • Diplomatic tensions.