Given the fast pace of change and the many uncertainties in the field of peace, stability and the security environment as a whole, a forward-looking approach is an essential component. This is with preparation for a variety of possible threats and ready to take advantage of opportunities, both which may appear in different forms than in the past and which will call for creative responses. With long traditions of strategic planning, on one hand, and future studies on the other hand, being brought together to produce fresh insights on the security environment, specific tools and methods can be employed to discern trends and alternative futures.

Conflict analysis on the other hand, can support orientation for future action. Conflicts are dynamic systems. Any intervention becomes part of the system and should focus on supporting the creative, positive energies, in the system or related to the system. Conflict analysis can be used individually or in a participatory manner in a group. The analysis does not lead to an objective understanding of the conflict. Rather it makes one’s subjective perceptions transparent. This way they can be reflected on and clearer communicated.

CGC understands that strategic foresight on peace and security can only be achieved by focusing attention on contextual research and analysis of a conflict situation. Under this purview of research and analysis, our key focus areas are:

  • Conflict analysis / tracking;
  • Foreign policy analysis;
  • Radicalization dynamics;
  • CVE strategy & programming.